Vocal Art specialises in voice workshops.

Through music and performance Vocal Art empowers participants to connect with their natural instrument and learn about safe vocal practice.

The Vocal Art experience focuses on listening and creating to engender wellbeing and relaxation.

Participation is fun, imbues calmness during and after sessions, and increased concentration.

The techniques learned are beneficial for life.

Daniel Wilkinson-Shaw (BA Hons)

Daniel Wilkinson-Shaw (BA Hons)

Leader and Founder of VocalArtUK

From a young age Daniel has been involved within the music community through acting and drumming for local productions. During his college years he formed a band with his friends and frequently performed gigs in his home town of Swindon.

On completing his A level in music and his Performing Arts national diploma level 3 he attended Winchester University to qualify in Vocal and Choral Studies. This was the first course of its kind, promoting techniques and examples of safe vocal practice. Daniel was awarded a scholarship through the university’s foundation music programme, where he represented the university in a music capacity and worked closely with the wider community.

On completion of his degree he moved up to Cheshire to live with his wife Kirsty and has been working with UCan Play to develop a workshop to encourage safe vocal practice. These workshops are now run by Daniel through Vocal Art.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t take it from us, let our customers do the talking! 

I thought Daniel’s type of music is interesting, I would do it again!

Ben, aged 11

Learnt how to express our voice with different music genres and feel the beat of the music.

Dannielle, aged 15

Insightful, definitely a unique experience.

Caitlin, aged 15

I was really excited to read on your Facebook page about these Vocal Art workshops for children and young people. It is so refreshing to see an opportunity like this for students. Our voices are closely linked to our emotions – a connection that is so often ignored, and supporting young people to enjoy using their voices freely – without a focus on singing, especially for those who lack confidence – can have some very exciting and unexpected outcomes in my experience. There is so much focus on student voice in terms of allowing children to have their say, yet surely enjoying (or just bearing, for some) the sound of your own voice, and recognising it’s potential and power, should be the starting point for this. I am also struck by how closely this fits with the drive for mindfulness in schools. Yet, here you have an opportunity to teach the calming and focusing benefits of ‘being with’ your natural breathing rhythm, taking the time to really focus on that, with the added value of promoting voice confidence! Brilliant!

Jo Stokes

Director, as creatives

Vocal Art visited the Make Believe workshops during the summer.

The soundtrack to the video was recorded in the church at Great Budworth for it’s acoustic properties. The images show the students engaged in the processes that led to the creation of the soundtrack.


Yungala is designed to take the listener on a journey through the power of extended voice. It seeks to inspire the listeners thoughts and emotions, whilst providing a sense of wellbeing in the changing and progressive tones. The piece gradually progresses and at the pinnacle aims to give the listener a sense of enlightenment, before continuing on their journey.

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